Vertical Sliding Windows

People wanting to install traditional English windows in their homes can go for vertical sliding windows. The vertical sliding windows available in the market combine classic features with modern technology. Avertical sliding window moves along its own plane during opening and closing.

Types of configurations

Single hung sash- Single hung vertical sliding sash windows feature a movable sash which is usually the lower sash while the other sash is fixed. The movable sash slides over the upper fixed sash. Single hung are conventional vertical sliding windows and can be seen in traditional English homes.

Double hung sash- Both the sashes are movable in double hung sash vertical sliding windows. The two sashes overlap each other and slide in the frame. The two movable sashes can be of different sizes. Modern double hung vertical sliding windows use spring balances for supporting the weight of the sashes.

Design of Modern Vertical Sliding Windows

The modern vertical sliding windows use PVC frames for superior strength, weather resistance and good thermal protection. Apart from PVC, aluminium vertical sliding windows are also available in the market. They are available in anodised and powder-coated varieties.

The structural strength of vertical sliding windows are improved by using metal reinforcements such as steel or aluminium. All the hardware components are fixed to the reinforcements. High grade locking mechanisms, balances and pivot bars form the essential components of modern vertical sliding windows. Tilt latches may also be present on the window to tilt the sashes inward for easy cleaning. Ventilation locks can also be present on the upper sash or frame. These locks limit the opening of the sash to a maximum limit and prevent outside access.

Other features that may be present in a vertical sliding window are weather pile sealing, multi-chambered internal glazing, corner slash locking with central catch, etc.