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Do you want to décor your home? Decor with the HPL cladding sheet makes your home beautiful and gives a royal look to your home. Parquet Decor is the #1 demanding HPL Cladding sheet Dealer and supplier in Jaipur which fulfills your dream home’s requirement.

But before that let us tell you,

What is the HPL Cladding sheet?

HPL means High-Pressure Laminate. HPL sheet is a highly demanding product for your big home project decoration. HPL sheet is prepared by the layering of sheets of wood and paper with a resin under high pressure and heat. It makes the sheet rigid and long-lasting. Nowadays, construction tycoons, designers and architecture believe that HPL cladding is best fitted for the small home or apartment’s exterior designs.

Why HPL cladding sheet is preferred for big projects like multi-apartment projects, new villa or small home designs?

HPL cladding material is manufactured by the layering of wood and paper under high pressure. It has the quality that it can’t get damaged by water, fire or other elements. High pressure makes this material non-scratchable and firm. Having a variety of textures and qualities, HPL is preferred for designs and decorations.

HPL cladding sheet is highly recommended for wooden cladding for the exterior walls in the world of property dealers in India. Even the Architects and designers suggest that HPL wood cladding material is best to give a villa, or an apartment or a home a royal and stylish look because it has variants in quality as well as texture. Also, the HPL cladding sheet price is not so high so everyone can afford it to decorate their homes.

What are the topmost 4 specifications of the HPL Cladding sheet (most demanding)?

Well, these are 4 explained specifications of this sheet that makes it a favorite among people:

1.      Incomparable Durability: Earlier, we said that this material is cast by the layering of sheets of wood and paper under high pressure and heat that makes it more compatible and high resistant than others. It is fire-resistant, water-resistant and scratch-less. That’s why the reputed architects and designers suggest using the HPL sheet for exterior wall cladding of apartments and offices.

2.      Low Maintenance: Due to its rigidness and long durability, its maintenance is very low. You do not need to put much effort to maintain it. Once it gets established, it gets fixed for years and years. You can wash it easily with a cotton cloth or spongy material, even though food stains can be easily removed with once effort. So, it is favorable for home or office interiors.

3.      Easy-to-Install: HPL cladding installation process is very easy. It is quick-to-install with the help of ribbit screws on the fixed aluminum or iron pipe. There is no such lengthy process to install it.

4.      Usability: It is very safe to use because it is light-weight and fire-resistant. It won’t catch fire easily so best used for home interior furnishing and office interior designs.

After getting these benefits of the HPL cladding sheet, you’re now assured to use this high-pressure laminated material to decorate your home or office.

And not even this only but,

The wide range of application areas of the HPL cladding sheet makes it super-demanding material in the market for exterior and interior decoration. People use it to decorate their exterior and interior walls to give a fancy and stylish look for their homes.

You can use HPL sheet for exterior and interior wall cladding of:

·        Facade of buildings

·        Balcony

·        Hospitals‚Äč

·        Schools

·        Showrooms

·        Cafe

·        Garden

·        Counters

·        Main Gate for residential and commercial projects

·        Home Elevation Cladding

The most interesting thing is, the cost of decorating the exterior and the interior walls of your shop, home, hospital, cafe, etc. is in your budget. The HPL cladding price depends on the quality and texture of the sheet. It also depends on the thickness of the sheet.

We have a variety of options of the HPL cladding sheet for interior and exterior cladding of walls. It is available in:

·       Colors

·       Patterns

·        themes

·        styles

·        thickness

We, the Parquet decor is the Top rated Trader and supplier of HPL cladding sheet (in a modest rate) in Jaipur for interior and exterior designs (at a nominal cost) of residential as well as commercial projects.

Forget about the price of the HPL cladding sheet because you can find it at a very fair price depend on your requirement. We provide you a number of varieties and top-rated HPL exterior cladding sheets than others because we are manufacturing them ourselves.

Let us tell you, How to install the HPL cladding sheet?

HPL cladding sheet installation is a very easy process. It doesn’t need much effort to install. Below is the process to install it on the exterior as well as interior wall to give an amazing look:

1.      Take the measurement and mark the place on the wall where cladding is going to be done.

2.      With the help of a drilling machine, drill the wall to fix the aluminum section.

3.      After drilling, fix the aluminum sections at a particular distance with the help of iron nails (screw).

4.      Now, cut the cladding sheet in pieces as per your requirement.

5.      Now, do mark on the cladding sheet and drill on the mark to insert the ribbit to fix it.

6.      Now with the help of a rivet gun, insert one ribbit per whole to fix the cladding sheet.

Hurray!!! Your HPL cladding installation is complete. We think you learned now how to do the HPL cladding sheet installation.

Well in Jaipur city, there is a lot of manufacturer and supplier of HPL cladding sheet and you may buy it from those suppliers. But, if you want the varieties, guarantee, quality, texture and modest price to buy the HPL cladding sheet, Parquet decor is the most trusted brand for the Bulk supplier/trader of the HPL cladding sheet at low cost in Jaipur. We deliver quality and trust both for our consumers.

The matter is, from where the consumer buys and installs this sheet. HPL cladding installation is not a cup of tea for anyone. It needs tactics and an experienced person to clad the HPL sheet in the facade of the building, home elevation cladding, in the malls or in your shop. If a person fails to install HPL in a proper way, it may lead to a dangerous situation. So, always prefer the best team that can install the HPL sheet in a nice way. If so, then don't worry because Parquet decor provides the most experienced and expert technician team for the best HPL cladding Installation Services in Jaipur, Rajasthan.

We are able to supply the HPL sheet in abundant quantities for residential and commercial projects. To buy it, you can call us or mail us.