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A uPVC casement window is itself a popular choice for residential as well as commercial buildings. The casement windows are mostly used in big apartments, private institutions like schools, colleges, coaching institutes, etc.

uPVC casement windows are quite safe and sound-proofing material. Due to its light-weight, it is used on a large scale. The lock system in it is quite easy to operate. Also, you have a choice whether you want to open it outside or inside. 

It is vastly used in commercial purposes because in most of the commercial buildings are established in noisy area. There is a lot of traffic so you don’t have control over it. You almost fail to reduce the noise in that area. So, it’s better to use uPVC casement windows which saves us from noise as well as dust.

A popular uPVC windows choice, Casement windows is an ideal choice for spaces that have excellent exterior views to take in. These windows have a unique double-sealed mechanism that enhances airtightness, as a result enabling to keep noise, dust, and pollution out. These windows can be used singly or in pairs, depending on the requirement, and are available in multiple design choices like top hung, side hung, and more. Casement windows are usually held by hinges and can be opened inward or outward, depending on its functionality.

The Casement window range is designed to provide the maximum flexibility for fabricators and clients alike. The system comes in two profile depths EN42 – 42mm and EN62 – 62mm. It was designed to facilitate maximum design coverage with the minimum number of profile sections providing the fabricator and at the same time the end-user with the ideal range of products to suit any window replacement program or building type in the fast-growing construction industry.

The suite allows for the production of top hung and side hung casements to accept a full range of hardware in-line with the latest European standards used, and meeting all the latest product testing standards.

These facts and qualities make the uPVC casement windows perfect for the buildings: 

  • Contemporary modern soft line profile appearance

  • Design compatibility with EN casement and sliding range

  • 10 mm sash overlap for enhanced performance

  • Internal glazing options from 4 mm single to 36 mm triple

  • Latest state of the art, grey concealed glazing and weather seals

  • Identically sized and interchangeable casement sashes

  • Unique and efficient single glazing bead cutting method

  • Choice of single or multi-point locking devices, providing a basic and high-security option

  • Build-in hardware location facility for hinges, striker, etc.

  • Secure hardware fitting into steel reinforcements as standard

Whether you’re thinking off to make your home sound-proof and safe, must install uPVC casement windows.

Sorry, I forgot to tell you that the installation process of the casement windows is quite easy. It takes little time to install if you hire an expert fabricator. In Jaipur, Parquet Decor is No.1 uPVC casement windows installer.

You don’t need to flow a lot of money to install it. You just have to call us, we’ll do it smoothly and on time.

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Casement Window