Jotashield Colourlast

An advanced performance exterior paint that offers a wider selection of longer lasting colours that protect your home. Jotashield ColourLast provides certified concrete protection* that blocks Carbon Dioxide (CO2) from penetrating into the concrete and releasing water vapours. The paint film is flexible and has crackbridging properties. 

It is 100% free from Alkylphenol Ethoxylates, Formaldehyde, its derivatives, and heavy metals such as lead, mercury, arsenic, chromium and cadmium. In addition, it has low VOC** (Volatile Organic Compounds) thereby contributing to a greener environment. Jotashield ColourLast is available in four gloss levels: Matt, Silk, Semi-Gloss*** and Gloss***.


Product type: Exterior Paints
Area of use:

Advanced Colour Performance

Reduces Maintenance

Certified Concrete Protection