What's uPVC Windows

UPVC windows are an affordable and durable option if you are looking forward to designing your home with some amazing window varieties. Some special modifiers and components are mixed with polyvinyl chloride to prepare UPVC windows and this is the reason why UPVC windows have grabbed attention not only in the residential but also in the commercial market. There are ample of upvc windows designs available in the market for different purposes. The main components used in making upvc windows are the upvc window sections, glasses, grills, and other hardware equipment.

UPVC Window Price and Cost

Type of uPVC Window

Price Range

UPVC windows

300/sqft - 850/sqft

UPVC casement windows

300/sqft - 500/sqft

UPVC tilt and turn windows

500/sqft - 700/sqft

UPVC double hung windows

1000/sqft - 1200/sqft

UPVC louvered windows

800/sqft - 1000/sqft

UPVC Fixed windows

1000/sqft - 1500/sqft

UPVC sliding windows

350/sqft - 800/sqft

UPVC double glazed windows

1000/sqft - 1200sqft

UPVC folding and sliding windows

700-900 Rs

UPVC windows with grills

300/sqft - 700/sqft

What is UPVC window and how is it made?

Upvc windows are made from plastic or versatile polyvinyl chloride. There are some other polymers and components mixed in the polyvinyl chloride to make the windows stronger and durable. Specialised formulation of upvc windows includes the use of modifiers for developing windows frames. 80-85% polyvinyl chloride and 20% other elements are used for preparing upvc windows. The blend of such strong and powerful materials makes upvc stronger and reliable.


The UPVC windows are made using UPVC sections which are cut and merged for giving the shape to UPVC windows. For the preparation of UPVC windows, PVC is tempered and melt down in a die. After it gets a proper shape, the material is again cut and cooled. The sections are then shaped as windows and as per the design of windows, the shape, size, flatness, and level of sections are developed. There are different types of UPVC sections like plain, rubber and sliding sections. The profiles are made to prevent the climatic effect on the rooms. The most common size of UPVC profiles is 60mm for openable windows and 88mm for sliding windows which are used worldwide.

Grills and Glasses

One of the latest concepts was developed as UPVC windows with grills. The grilled window pattern is available for both, the sliding as well as open windows. The grills are built of around 10-12mm thickness. 

Apart from the sections, profiles and grills, the UPVC windows also consist of glasses. The glasses used in the construction of windows can make the windows more energy efficient and secure. One of the common glass styles is float glass and another is annealed glass.  Apart from these glasses, there are some other glasses used for UPVC windows which provide sound, light, heat insulation along with safety.                                        

Reflective glasses, tinted glasses, toughened glass, acid-etched glass, laminated glass, insulated glass, low emission glasses and sandblasted glasses are some of the most sought-after options.

Best UPVC windows in India

The UPVC windows are available in many different styles and designs. The energy efficient material and flexible design options make the UPVC windows suitable for different needs. If you want a clean and elegant window, choose tilt and turn window for your home entrance which provides ventilation as well as amazing air flow. There are special windows like twin sash windows or bay windows for enriching the view of your living room. If you have accent home with the best furnishings, choose the skylight windows. One of the highest selling UPVC window types are the casement windows which provide a rich look and specialised effect to the balcony and garden side areas. You can browse UPVC windows online and choose the most suitable option for your home.

Types of UPVC windows:

There is a wide range of UPVC window designs available in the market for different purposes. The upvc material is used for creating modern and chic style windows. Here are some of the most famous designs of UPVC windows:

  • UPVC casement windows
  • UPVC tilt and turn windows
  • UPVC sliding windows
  • UPVC double hung windows
  • Upvc louvered windows
  • Fixed UPVC windows
  • UPVC double glazed windows
  • UPVC folding and sliding windows

These are the most common types of UPVC windows with different styles and purposes.

uPVC Window Advantages:

  • UPVC windows offer smooth operation, installation and usage
  • The quality material used in UPVC windows is long lasting
  • The UPVC windows are heat and cold resistant. These windows can also bear climatic changes
  • You won’t face issues of corrosion or termites
  • UPVC windows are immensely strong and provide tough security
  • UPVC material is eco-friendly
  • There are ample of designs and patterns to choose from
  • UPVC windows are energy efficient and will save your electricity bills
  • UPVC window rates are quite competitive and budget-friendly as compared to steel, wooden and other materials
  • You can browse through tremendous stock of UPVC windows online and select the most favorable window designs for your property

Description of Different types of uPVC Windows

There are ample of upvc window designs available in the market for different purposes. The upvc material is used for creating modern and chic style windows. Here are some designs of upvc windows:

UPVC double hung windows

The double hung windows provide a very rich and extraordinary look to the windows. These windows lock perfectly and showcase the most stylish patterns and framing. If you require multi-framed and modern windows in your home, this is the best option to choose! Browse some upvc window images and you will get the best double hung window designs for your property.

Upvc louvered windows

For extraordinary ventilation purposes, the louvered upvc windows are preferred widely. These windows are beautifully framed and designed to allow fresh air in your home. This design is specially used in homes and huge buildings for ventilation purpose.  It is a temperature friendly window design which will not only provide fresh air but will also make your property look ravishing. For the hot and humid climate of India during summers, this is the best window option to consider.

If you have been looking for windows that would keep the harsh weather conditions away from the interiors of your home, UPVC windows are the best choice. When it comes to design and style, there is a wide range of options. These  UPVC offer durable, stylish and high-quality solutions for every home. If you want to make your home cozy and comfortable during winters or harsh summers, install windows made from UPVC materials. These windows can also keep away outside noises nicely and provide you a serene and calm atmosphere inside. UPVC is a material that can cut noises up to 70 percent.

You can compare UPVC windows prices at different online stores before purchasing. Choose styles and designs of windows that support a contemporary living. When it comes to purchasing it is important to check the dimensional accuracy of the windows. Different sizes and styles of windows are available for different areas of the house. For example, there are different options for bathrooms, porch, and bedrooms. You must choose accordingly for the efficient functioning of the windows. As UPVC windows are maintenance free, you do not have to do too much for cleaning the windows from time to time. UPVC windows also insulate your home from harsh weather conditions.

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In order to fully understand and appreciate the pricing of uPVC doors and windows, we must also understand the benefits of using uPVC the material from which the window or door derives its value.

Pricing Breakdown of uPVC Doors & Windows

As compared to the other alternatives, uPVC is extremely cost efficient not only to purchase but also in terms of long-term maintenance. They are energy efficient and could help save on energy bills by up to 30% to 40%. As a matter of fact, the primary advantage of uPVC windows is that they are free of any sort of preservation costs as well as special additives preventing it from premature aging and discoloration. The preliminary costs are also way lesser than that of wood or aluminium and hence a growing number of manufacturers, as well as homeowners, are adopting uPVC as the go-to material of choice in terms of appearance as well budget.

Before we go into understanding the pricing breakdown of uPVC windows and doors, let’s try to comprehend the various components and the overall structure that a uPVC window or door comprises of and the various singular costs attached to it. uPVC doors and windows consist of the following elements and each individual element has an impact on the final cost of uPVC Window or Door.

Price depends on the type of window which has been chosen, generally comprised of the sliding window series, casement series, tilt and turn windows and doors.

A basic uPVC Window with a simple profile will cost anywhere from Rs 500 per Sq.ft and could go all the way up to RS 2000 per sq.ft. Make sure you choose wisely.

Component Price Range
uPVC Profiles (major component that accounts for 20%-30% of overall Price) Rs 100 per sqft to Rs 250 per sqft
The Reinforcement for a uPVC window Rs. 30 per sq.ft to 50 per sq.ft
Glass (another major component) Rs 50 per sq.ft to Rs 300 per sq.ft
Hardware Rs 30 per sq.ft to Rs 300 per sq.ft
Other Accessories
Sealant & PU Foam
Fly Screen (Addition) Rs. 300 per sq.ft to Rs. 500 per sq.ft.

1. uPVC Profiles :

Currently, uPVC windows and doors are widely used for both residential as well as commercial applications. From bungalows and villas to schools and business buildings, uPVC profiles are electrically non-conductive and fire resistant while easily achieving top-of-the-line standards for thermal as well as sound insulation. Their wide range of applications along with cost efficiency has made it the perfect choice for new constructions, renovations and remodeling projects.

There are several factors which need to be taken into consideration while trying to figure out the reasoning behind the pricing of a uPVC profile. Let us understand what a uPVC Profile is a little better. A uPVC profile is as below :

  • uPVC doors and windows are generally constructed with the help of extrusion profiles. Extrusion profiles come in various configurations and can include solid as well as hollow forms. These are generally outsourced from other organisations and hence the prices tend to vary owing to a variety of reasons which could impact the overall uPVC doors prices and uPVC windows prices.
  • uPVC is prepared with the help of a special formulation in which modifiers and stabilisers are added to polyvinyl chloride (PVC) making it rigid and suitable for use as window frames. Each profile has its own design characteristics. These formulations are also procured from various companies which can also affect uPVC doors cost and uPVC windows costs.
  • In the beginning of the 20th century, a German inventor patented the process of polymerization of vinyl chloride with sunlight. Although, it took uPVC products a long time to shake off the negativity surrounding its ‘plastic’ image, today the situation is the opposite. Easily one of the most versatile and important materials currently, uPVC windows are the most sustainable solution available for windows and doors today. In fact, almost 55 % of the world’s windows are now made with uPVC Profiles.
  • Since the industrial revolution, Germans have always been associated with precision and quality. Not only are they the pioneers in the uPVC movement, but they have also constantly looked to refine, improve and innovate uPVC technologies over the last 40-50 odd years thus opening the door to applications in several other industries as well.
  • Another important uPVC manufacturing base is in Turkey while an array of Chinese companies has caught up as well thus helping increase uPVC volumes dramatically around the world. So depending upon where the profile has been sourced – Germany, Turkey or China – price of profiles will vary.
  • Since India is a growing market, there are an increasing number manufacturers of UPVC doors and windows. If you’re looking to identify the costs of the profile component of uPVC doors and windows, prices range between Rs 100 per sqft to Rs 250 per sqft depending on the several factors as mentioned above. The composition, materials used, company brand, technology in use and various other economies of scale all determine the final price of the uPVC Profile. The uPVC profile, as such, is responsible for nearly 20-30% of the overall price of the uPVC window or door.

2. The Reinforcement for a uPVC window :

Although the selection of a right uPVC Profile plays a major role, one must also understand how a uPVC window is manufactured and fitted and hence the right levels of all components are critical. The reinforcement plays a major role in determining the strength and durability of a window. It should be tested for varied climatic conditions and should be well equipped with well-engineered reinforcement, mullion strengtheners, and accessories, especially the locking system.

Renowned uPVC manufacturers make use of galvanized reinforcement that is tested to international standards and can, therefore, provide sound insulation, water resistance, security, dust proofing, energy saving etc. The quality of the parts used by the fabricator plays a vital role in ensuring the strength of a window and to extend the lifespan of uPVC window and door. Moreover, a certified and reputed vendor will be able to furnish certificates from various institutions to assure that their uPVC profiles is of the highest quality and certified while also being able to provide a guarantee on uPVC profile for at least 10 years.

The quality of the materials used, the warranty coverage, and other factors play a crucial role in determining the overall costs. On an average, costs range between Rs. 30 per sq.ft to 50 per sq.ft based on the window type and size and a combination of the factors mentioned above.

3. Glass :

The third component which could influence the price is the all-important element which constitutes a uPVC window, the Glass. The biggest component of the structure, glass comes in a variety of types and sizes and the pricing depends on the quality and ruggedness of the glass chosen inside the window frame. Average costs of glass per sq.ft will start as under :

  • Single Float Glass which are 5 mm in thickness can cost anywhere between Rs 40 to Rs 50 per sq.ft. As you increase the levels of glass thickness, costs also tend to concurrently increase by around Rs. 15 per sq.ft
  • Homeowners looking for effective protection against cold, adverse weather conditions and noise generally opt for a slightly more expensive variety of glass viz. Tempered Glass. Not only do they provide better coverage against the forces of nature but are also burglar-proof as they are specially designed for extra strength and stability. Opting for this glass would theoretically double the price of the glass.
  • Homeowners wanting further sound insulation can opt for double glass as well. The thickness of the glass and air gaps in the double glass units will determine the cost of the glass. A top quality precision binding in the glass binding keeps the house free from dust and noise. This will further drive up the costs.
  • Laminated glass is another option for homeowners looking for higher levels of safety and security. Aesthetically more pleasing than grills, laminated glass is strong enough and U.V. stabilized to withstand the toughest climatic conditions while keeping out robbers as well thanks to its high impact strength. All these variants of glass could increase your costs from Rs 50 per sq.ft to almost Rs 300 per sq.ft depending on the type of glass and thickness you decide to choose.

4. Hardware :

  • The choice of hardware you choose also impacts the overall costs of the window. Selecting the apt hardware for the window goes a long way in increasing the look, feel, functionality, life, effectiveness, and strength of the window. Picking right hardware for the window is essential as the window’s opening mechanism will also depend on hardware quality.
  • Selection of hardware depends on the type of window which has been chosen. Hardware is generally comprised of the Sliding Series, Basic Single Point Opening in case Casement Series, Single Plate Espagand Handles for more safety, tilt and turn windows and doors, 2 Point Locking Espag casement Windows, Roller Series, Friction Stay and Hinge series, Lift and Slide Windows, Handle Series, Lock Series amongst other accessories.
  • There are several more types and varieties and the costs can vary anywhere from Rs 30 per sq.ft to Rs 300 per sq.ft for the window depending on your choice of hardware.

5. Other Accessories :

Several other accessories such as beadings, gaskets, anchors, and fasteners are also pivotal and are strictly inspected and go through various tests to ensure a quality which is acceptable around the world. The quality of these components which are made of stainless steel is critical to avoid any corrosion or discoloration in the future. uPVC window and doors manufacturers generally include these accessories along with the system. The quality of these accessories goes a long way in determining the overall costs.

1. Sealant & PU Foam :

  • Sealing and filling gaps during the process of installing windows is the job of silicone sealants and PU Foams. Choosing the right brands while also ensuring proper Installation is of paramount importance as it helps ensure water tightness and sound insulation in the windows. Reputed manufacturers and energy efficient quality components tend to command a higher price.

2. Fly Screen (Additional Accessory) :

Fly screens prove to be a major boon as they help keep out insects, maintain privacy as well ensuring proper airflow. These screens are also removable while also providing significant energy savings, which is beneficial for both the household budget and environment. They are also completely resistant to abrasions, corrosion, UV rays and rust. Fly screens are usually an add-on and need to be purchased separately.

  • If you choose to add a fly screen to a sliding window, then, in that case, the minimum additional costs incurred would be around Rs 350 per sq.ft
  • If you use the Fly screen from reputed and leading manufacturers, then quality comes at a price. For instance, opting for a McCoy Flyscreen which you could add for your casement window system ranges from Rs. 300 per sq.ft to Rs. 500 per sq.ft.

Benefits of uPVC Doors & Windows

uPVC windows and doors are all the rage now as they tend to significantly outperform its competitors in almost every single way. They are weather resistant and made of excellent materials which remain intact even after many years of usage. Moreover, they do not alter their shape or form under extreme temperatures or weathering and are termite resistant. They are aesthetically pleasing to the eye and give the priority to simplicity thus providing a perfect harmony with both the architecture and the decoration of your house.Moreover, uPVC doors and windows are beautiful and durable while lending an element of style complemented by functionality for a solution that fits the needs and expectations of homeowners who demand the most from their doors and windows.

Beyond aesthetics and appearance, uPVC doors and windows also help with optimising day lighting, energy conservation, noise control and pollution regulations.Thanks to their very good thermal insulation properties, uPVC doors and windows also ensure heat stays outside the building while being a natural insulator thus sealing cooled air inside your building structure as well. They are maintenance free and do not warp, bend and require no periodic re-painting or any other treatment. They also provide a high level of security with the assistance of special fittings, glazing, qualified windows fabrication and expert installation thus helping keep burglars at bay. Their frames are constructed with the utmost hardness making it extremely difficult to break-in and are virtually impenetrable.

Final Cost of uPVC Doors & Windows

Choosing the right uPVC window or door goes a long way in adding to the value of your house while also improving your house’s functionality and overall usability. This makes it imperative that in order to procure long-lasting and high-quality uPVC for your window and doors, you should only deal with renowned uPVC manufacturers. Today, all things considered, a basic uPVC Window with a simple profile will cost anywhere from Rs 500 per Sq.ft and could go all the way up to RS 2000 per sq.ft. Make sure you choose wisely.