Product Information

Leminex is self-supporting high pressure laminate (HPL) with a decorative surface that is suitable for exteriors. It is fade resistant and weather-proof and complies with standard EN 438.

It is entirely made up of layers of phonelic resin impregnated cellulose fibers with one or more decorative surface layers of cellulose fibers impregnated with thermosetting resins.

The manufacturing process involves the combined 0 applications of heat (1500c ) and high pressure (9 Mpa) in multi-daylights presses in which resin polycondensation takes place. One or both sides can be decorative. It can be supplied as standard or flame retardant additive mixed with the phenolic resins

LEMINEX HPL has a great endurance against to weather conditions
• Is not effected by solar, moisture, rain, acidic rain, dust storm, snow and frost. 
• Is not distorted in rapid temperature changes in between -20 C-+80 C
• Has resistant to UV rays and according to blue scale, UV factor is =8,
equivalent to 12 years in Middle Europe climate. 
• Has nanotechnological surface which does not hold bacterium.
• Has anti-graffiti feature.
• Does not get dirty, self-cleaning.
• Provides isolation of temperature and noise (14 db).
• Lets building to breathe.
• Resistant to strikes and solvents.
• Does not include insanitary components (asbestosis, heavy metal, halogen, sulfide).


LEMINEX Exterior Cladding panels are available in the following grades for their suitability as per the required applications:

Exterior Cladding Panels
Exterior Cladding Panels(Fire Retardant)
Exterior Cladding Panels(With Anti-graffiti) 

Leminex Exterior Panel is extremely durable and available in wide range of colours. Its excellent technical properties make it suitable for the building industry as an ideal alternative to traditional materials. It can be used to clad facades and balconies, for street furniture and external signs, and is particularly suited for the creation of ventilated facades.

 Resistance to UV rays 
 Resistance to atmospheric conditions 
 Physical resistance to strikes and abrasion 
 Chemical resistance to such effects as acid rain, air pollution
 Wide range of colors and patterns 
 Easy to care and repair 
 Do not contain any harmful substances
 Resistance to swelling in boiling water
 Resistance to staining
 Maximum light fisten
 Overall lightweight sbustructure and facade
 Dimensional stability and flatness
 Light weight facade system
 Easier perforation

Wall and facade linings
Cladding of exhibition buildings 
Sporting and entertainment
Decoration of commercial sites
Residential dwellings 
Silhouette Profiles
Facade Claddings 
Balcony Claddings 
Rear Ventilated facades 
Outdoor furniture 
Sun Protection
Business entry portals
Functional Constructions
Attic Claddings
Public facilities