Tilt & Turn Window

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Everybody wants his home to look fancy and luxurious. In the modern scenario, it’s quite difficult to live in an ordinary home because you can live but your children won’t. So, to give your home an elegant and quite amazing look, you just have to change the interior and the exterior decor. 

The best way is, use uPVC tilt and turn windows to make your home ordinary to extraordinary. And the best thing is, uPVC is completely eco friendly and have a fair price in comparison to other material.

It gives your home an eye-catchy and luxurious view. The shining and smoothness of the uPVC tilt and turn windows always remain for a very long period of time (say 10+ years). The incredible flexibility and great operational benefits make it the perfect choice for a modern home interior and exterior decoration.

If you’re also thinking of buying a home for your future, please think once about the decoration. It is a must that your home should be well ventilated and sophisticated.

The tilt position also allows for draft-free ventilation and protection against rain. With advanced engineering, the handle can be controlled for both operations. The tilt & turn windows is beneficial for locations where there is a need for additional ventilation and its design makes this an aesthetic picture perfect windows.

Many homeowners are opting for tilt & turn windows as they are energy efficient, reduce noise and provide more safety to homes. The low maintenance is also an added advantage of using tilt & turn windows.

The window is available as part of the 62 range and was designed to give the discerning end user a state of the art inward opening fenestration solution.

The system is designed for the production of inward opening windows that provide a tilt option for secure ventilation and that accept a full range of hardware in-line with the latest European standards used, and meeting all the latest product testing standards.

In fact, these characteristics and benefits are huge reasons to choose uPVC tilt & turn windows for your home:

  • It can easily be tilt & turn by a handle.

  • Its installation process is not so hard. Its quite easy.

  • It gives your room a ventilation area where you won’t feel suffocated.

  • It gives a wide opening to the home or balcony.

  • Its multi-point lock system makes it safer than other vehicles.

So, decorate your home's interior and exterior look by tilt & Turn windows that give your home a trendy and luxurious look. Parquet decor is the top-rated supplier and manufacturer of uPVC tilt & turn windows (at moderate price) in Jaipur.

Tilt & Turn Window