uPVC Frame & Profile

The window frames are structurally very important for the windows. These frames not only provide a designer look to the windows but also hold provides intense support by holding the glass and railings. There are different types of window profiles made from different materials. Window profiles or frames allow the windows

Window Frame Prices

Frame Material Price/sqft
Wooden frames Rs150/sqft to 400/sqft
Pvc frames Rs 100/sqft to 600/sqft
Aluminium frames Rs 200/sqft to 800/sqft

Window Frame Design

There are different designs in which the modern and vintage style windows are made. These designs are casement windows, sliding windows, arched windows, lift and slide windows, folding windows, grille windows etc for which personalized and well-suited window frames are needed.

The Latest window frame designs are made from different materials suited to the property and climatic conditions. The most trending types are Aluminium/metal frames, wooden frames, steel frames, vinyl frames, fiberglass frames, composite frames etc.

These are the most trending and widely chosen types of window frames

1. Wooden Window Frames

Wooden window frames are exceptional in design and are highly insulating. The wooden frames come with perfect polishing, heat and cold resistance. The wooden frames keep the houses cool during high temperature and warm during extreme cold. Also wooden frames are natural insulators and renewable. For a beautiful farmhouse style look or vintage furnishing, the wooden door frames are the perfect option.  

2. Steel Window Frames

The steel window frames are heat resistant, fire resistant, waterproof, are safe against corrosion and pitting and are lightweight which makes installation supremely easy. The high-quality steel frames are protected from insects and termites which can degrade the quality of windows and frames. The steel frames look stylish and brand new for years due to its finishing and durability.

3. Iron Window Frames

Iron profiles are quite stylish in design. Different styles and colours can be chosen to make the windows look more appealing. Iron profiles are extremely strong and durable. Though the iron profiles are quite expensive, but the maintenance is easy. Iron profiles are resistant to elements, rain, wind and heat which makes it an ideal profile.

4. PVC Window Frames

The vinyl window frames are made using PVC which protect the sun rays from entering the home. The UV light stabilizers are used to make the windows heat and sun light proof which helps in balancing the atmosphere of home.

5. Aluminium Window Frames

The aluminum window frames are thermal insulated and perfectly polished. Free from termites, heat, water leakage, corrosion and such common issues, the aluminum frames have a high tensile strength which can carry a load of glass up to 200 kg.

Buy modern wood & steel window frame profiles online along with prices list & cost details for Indian homes. Request quote for latest designs and size details.