Bays Window

Bay windows are the most beautiful and panoramic windows which provide a glimpse of outer beauty through the crystal clear glasses and beautiful framing. These are the projection windows through which, you get a clear view of the street from inside of your home. The bay windows are generally made up of 3 panels and provide a sharp projection. Nowadays, huge bay windows are adapted for a rich and picturesque look of the living rooms. Huge bay windows are placed in the living rooms, beside the reading nooks, in the balconies etc for an interesting interior.

Bay windows are chosen to get beautiful natural lights and an aesthetic appeal to the rooms. The bay windows have been modernized and are used differently nowadays.

Bay Window Price List

Bay Window Type

Price Range

UPVC bay window


Aluminium bay window

200/sqft – 900/sqft

Wooden bay window


Contemporary Bay Window

Rs 600 /Square Feet

UPVC Sash Bay Window

Rs 550 /Square Feet

Decorative Bay Window

Rs 400 /Square Feet

Bay Window Construction

Bay windows are generally made from 3 glasses or panels where the centre is wide and sides are narrow. Commonly, these windows are made from vinyl or wood for a perfect finishing look. Wood and aluminium combination is also used for budget friendly bay windows. These windows come with glazing which makes it energy efficient and resistant to climatic changes.

Most Promising Bay Window Designs

1. Box bay windows

When the windows are shaped in a box form, these are known as box bay windows. The box bay windows have rectangular shape, flat sides and front. These windows are also known as canted windows.

2. Bow bay windows

These old and medieval windows are slightly circular and provide a rich look. In the 18th century, these were the trending windows. Glass panes are used for the construction of bow bay windows which also provide it a surreal look.

3. Circle bay windows

The circle bay windows are just like the bow bay windows, but slightly more circular then those. The circle bay windows are highly embellished and provide an enhanced visual to the houses. The circular shape brings more light and ventilation in the house.

Bay Window Advantages

  • The bay windows provide an elegant and beautiful look to the home. it provides great outer views
  • The bay windows are energy efficient, solar heat resistant, cost effective and stylish
  • Bay windows are available in different colours and textures
  • These windows can be used in master bedrooms, living rooms, balconies and such areas for refreshing views

Bay Window Sizes

The standard sizes of bay window are3 feet, 6 inches to 10 feet and 6 inches in width and 3-6 feet, 6 inches height.  Generally, the standard size offers more variations and designs though, there are customised windows prepared as per the demand of customers.

The price of bay windows depends on the design and type of window you select. However, the price of any kind of bay window ranges from 200/sqft to 1000/sqft.