Transport and handling

Handle LEMINEX Exterior panels with care order not to damage the edges and surfaces of the high-quality material. In spite of the excellent surface hardness and the installation protection film, the stack weight of LEMINEX EXTRIOR CLADDING PANELS is a possible cause of damage. Therefore, any form of dirt or dust between the panels must definitely be avoided.

LEMINEX Exterior Cladding panels must be secured against slippage during transport. When loading or unloading, the panels must be lifted. Do not push or pull them over the edge. Transport protection films must always be removed from both sides at the same time. The transport protection film must not be exposed to heat or direct sunshine.

Storage and Air conditioning

All panels must be stacked horizontally on flat, stable supports and supporting panels. The goods must lie completely flat. Cover plates must always be left on the stack. The top cover should be weighted down. After removal of panels, PE films must again be closed over the stack. The same applies, in principle, for cut-panel stacks. Incorrect storage can lead to permanent deformation of the panels.

LEMINEX Exterior Cladding panels are to be stored in closed rooms under normal climatic conditions. Climate differences on the two surfaces of a panel are to be avoided. With pre-installed fastening elements, therefore, care is to be taken that the climatic effect is uniform on all sides.
Use intermediate layers of wood or plastic.