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If you’re living in a reputed society then you must take care of your home. I didn’t mean about the size of the home, it’s about the decoration. Yeah, it’s true. Whenever a neighbor or even a relative enters your home, he first senses the decoration of the home. He always looks after the furniture like your bed, sofa, windows, doors, table, chair, etc. 

You can guess his opinion about your home by just watching his facial expression. So if you think that your neighbor or relative should have a good opinion about your home then always prefer uPVC doors windows. Out of various types and qualities, uPVC sliding windows are aggressively used in the market which is no doubt a good option for your home too.

As per market research, we found that sliding windows are safe and easy-to-operate. It suits your home if you’re living in a well-maintained society.

Slider uPVC windows swift open sideways to enable smooth and easy movement. The functionality of windows along the track is provided using horizontal sashes, fitted with rollers. They offer optimum space utilization as the sashes slide sideways instead of opening inwards. They provide for a greater panoramic view, ventilation and space usage.

Parquet Decor sliding doors windows are a perfect way to add charm and beauty to your home. They would inevitably keep the ambiance warm and serene. Our doors are maintenance-free and durable; they are bound to not create a fuss for years.

The EN Sliding range is designed to provide the maximum flexibility for fabricators and clients alike. Based on a range of sections, it offers full flexibility offering from single sliding to multiple sliding openers, clip-on or integrated sections for flyscreen and a range of section sizes covering small and large openings.

It provides the ideal range of products to suit any window replacement program or building type in the fast-growing construction industry.

In fact, these qualities and specifications speak themselves why you should choose Sliding doors windows for your home:

  • Contemporary modern soft line profile appearance

  • Design compatibility with AIS casement and sliding range

  • One, two and three-track sliding, window and flyscreen options

  • Multi-chamber profile design, frame depth from 62 to 112 mm

  • 10 mm sash overlap for enhanced performance

  • Internal glazing options from 4 mm single to 22 mm double

  • Latest state of the art, grey concealed glazing seals

  • Choice of single or multi-point locking devices

  • Hardware components fastened into steel or 3 walls or uPVC

  • Durable Aluminum track and anti-lift devices as standard

I guess this is enough to tell that sliding windows are much better than others. So, if you gonna plan to decorate your home’s interior and exterior then go with uPVC Slide windows & doors which is durable, classy and smooth

Sliding Window