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Ultra Luxury & quality uPVC Lift & Slide Windows (at moderate rate)

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In the old days, people use traditional doors and windows which of course get rusted (in case of iron) or rotten(in case of wood) after a time period. At that time, people had no choice. As time passes, technology has grown up and got advanced.

In nowadays, the property tycoons and the builders have a great option “uPVC lift and slide doors windows”. If you’re joining a society that is modern where the families are living a high profile lives then you must prepare earlier.

Make your home ultra-luxury by just doing little changes. To give your home an elegant and fancy look, use uPVC lift & slide doors windows. These types of doors windows are sophisticated & easy-to-operate and make your home look different and eye-catchy.

Lift n Slide Doors which are designed for larger openings for unobstructed views. By rotating the handle 180⁰ the door fully lifts off its seals. You don’t need to put much effort to operate such doors and windows. Its roller rolls the doors and windows smoothly as if they are moving by themselves.

Lift-sliding doors are the link between the inside and the outside. Frameless side elements, extra-large sizes and special solutions extend the room beyond its real borders and thus create a new sense of space. Extremely low thresholds ensure barrier-free connection to the outside.

Large-scale glazing creates more light and freshens up the interior rooms. Without any effort and easy as pie the glass elements can be opened. No bulky doors which protrude into the room. No window sashes which take up precious living space. Can be perfectly combined with all  AIS door systems as well as sun and insect protection.

Let me tell you why lift and slide doors windows are ideal choices for the new modern house.

  • It has a perfect airtight sealing.

  • It is noise resistant.

  • It is dustproof.

  • It is complete rain or water-resistant.

  • It is termite-proof.

  • It is free from expansion and contraction.

  • It has bigger openings.

uPVC lift & slide doors windows have more features like it has multi-point locks that provide a home enhanced security. Apart from that, it is UV-resistant, sturdy, and long-lasting in nature. Also, it is maintenance-free. Once you installed it, you do not need to polish it, paint it, or something else.

These windows and doors designed with lift and slide technology by Parquet decor are completely safe for children. You can lock the doors or windows at any point of opening by just moving the handle down. Ultimately these doors windows are safe, secure and give a superior view to your home.

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