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AIS Windows is the No.1 uPVC doors windows manufacturer and supplier in Jaipur, Rajasthan. Whether you’re planning for a Villa or an Apartment or a small home, we're gonna fulfill your dream. We not only provide the best product (quality-wise) but also provide you a variety of fancy doors & windows.

What is uPVC?

We are the largest manufacturer as well as supplier of uPVC doors windows in your nearby location. But, if you have any confusion about the term “uPVC”, we’re here to clear your doubt. The Full form of uPVC is “Unplasticised PolyVinyl Chloride”. This is a form of plastic but it is very hard and highly resistible. It is not flexible so used in the work of pipework and window door frames & designs.

Why uPVC is suggested for the door window frames?

Due to its rigidness and durability, people used it for the purpose of doors and windows manufacturing. It is long-lasting in nature and costs very little maintenance so usually, people favor such material. And because of these three qualities (rigidness, durable and low maintenance), we prefer this material. Also, this uPVC material is favorable to the Indian weather. This material can be used in any weather condition because there is no bad effect of weather on the uPVC material.

What are the benefits of using uPVC material in Doors & Windows frames/designs?

  •  Rigid & Durable: As uPVC material in the form of hard plastic so it is long-lasting. It can’t be broken by a free hand. Outer factors can’t harm it.

  •  Weather Resistant: This uPVC is weather-resistant, so there is no harm to cold or hot on this material. Also, the weather can’t harm it. In short, it is fully weather-resistant material.

  • Noise Resistant: Once you fix it in your home or villa or apartment, it saves you from noise pollution. It won’t let the noise pass through so if you’re living in a highly congested area then you must use uPVC doors and windows.

  •  Lightweight & Easy to Install: Plastic is obviously light in weight. So it is very easy-to-carry and installs anywhere. There is no hard and fast rule to install it.

  •  Low maintenance: It doesn’t require a lengthy mechanism to install. In fact, it is very easy to install anywhere so it takes less effort. Also, it is hard plastic so it is free from any damage until and unless it is being struck by some hard material like a hammer, etc.

  •  Low Cost: uPVC material is made up of hard plastic and you also know that plastic is very less costly than other material so its cost is also very less in comparison to wood or iron rod. Nowadays, people mostly use uPVC to frame and design their doors & windows.

We analyzed some facts about wood or iron doors windows and uPVC doors windows. We found such facts as:

  • Cost: Generally, it is seen that you will cost approx Rs.500-600 per square feet for wooden or iron frames for doors windows but at the same time, you will cost approx Rs.300-400 per square feet for uPVC doors windows.

  • Durability: You know very well that wooden doors & windows get rotten due to water or something else (mostly water) but uPVC windows or doors never get rotten.

  • Weather-Resistance: It is a fact that wooden doors windows shrink and/or expand during hot and cold weather which is totally not good for the homeowners while uPVC windows & doors are far away from these issues.

  • Easy to carry: Wooden or iron doors windows are very heavy in weight hence tough to carry but uPVC material is lightweight so we can carry it easily.

  • Installation process: Wooden or iron doors windows are a little bit lengthy to install but uPVC is easy to install because it is light-weight to handle. You can easily play with it.

About Designs and Frames: uPVC doors windows are very attractive and modern to use. In this era, most builders and homeowners use uPVC in their homes to make it safe as well as cool in look. You can have lots of designs under uPVC doors and windows. To make your home look fancy and stylish, you should use uPVC doors windows. It perfectly suits your home.

Whether you’re a builder, a real estate tycoon, or a small homeowner, we felicitate you with numbers of quality uPVC material. As we are the largest manufacturer and supplier of uPVC doors windows in Rajasthan, you can contact us at any time.

Why we are the most demanding dealer for uPVC doors windows because:

1.  We provide only quality products for many years. We have zero complaint records. In fact, some of our customers say that we provide this material at the most reasonable price in Rajasthan.

2.  We believe “if you sell quality, you’ll get quality”. This means if we provide you products without any damage or other issues, you’ll always come to us till the next service.

3.  We always provide you material on a moderate rate and free installation service by our team.

4.  Trust in a business is very important. We’re the most trusted brand for uPVC doors Windows as well as in Jaipur, Rajasthan.

We are dealing with a variety of uPVC materials which are the most-in-demand nowadays. Below are some of the examples of common but stylish and fancy doors windows:

1) Sliding Window: This type of window is useful for small purposes like in a shop or somewhere else. This window can be slide lift or right at its fixed path or peripheral.

Key Features - 

  • Easy to operate - simple structure and easy to operate.

  • Security - This type of doors windows has multi-point locks so give additional security.

  • Low-maintenance - You need very less or no amount to maintain such doors windows.

  • Pollution Resistant - It provides from pollution.

2) Casement window: Casement windows can be opened. It has two flips each with a pull handle or a handle to turn to open or close. It is generally used in big apartments

Key features - 

  • Security - It has an inner pull-handle lock so gives security.

  • Fancy look - Due to its beautiful structure and frames, it gives a cool look to your home.

  • Low-maintenance - Once you fix this door window, you don’t have to carry extra expenses.

  • Pollution-Resistant - Also it protects from the air as well as sound pollution.

3) Lift & Sliding: In this door window, you have to lift and then push to slide to aside. This type of door window is generally used for premium homes or you can say villa. It is somehow costlier than others. Also, it covers less space.

Key Features - 

  • Easy to operate - It has a very simple structure and very easy steps to operate..

  • Security - It has an inner lock system so gives security.

  • Panoramic view - Having a lift and slide system, it gives a lovely view to your home.

  • low -maintenance - It saves your extra expenses.

4) Fold & Sliding: These types of doors windows are used in that place where space is not enough to open the gate widely. So, folding and sliding doors windows are very stylish and give a fancy look to your home. When you open it, it gets folded in layers. This is the unique feature of this fold and slide doors windows.

Key Features - 

  • Easy to operate - It has a very simple structure and can operate in a very easy way.

  • Security - It has a multi-point locking system so gives security.

  • Panoramic view - Having a lift and slide system, it gives a lovely view to your home.

  • low -maintenance - It saves your extra expenses.

  • Space Saver - Due to its special structure (fold & slide), it saves the extra space.

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